The Allure of the Regency Romance

Why Jane Austen’s Regency period so compellingly invites readers to visit—and return again and again—and how one author discovered the treasure trove to be found.

Before we visit London, England, circa 1810-1820, let us hearken back a decade or three, when the first big chain of used bookstores made its way to Texas.

Prior to this occurrence, I’d grown up reading every romance book I could get my hands on: things like Silhouette First Love—teen romance my mother approved—and the more adult Harlequin Presents and various romances my grandmother pulled out from under her bed and snuck into my possession every visit.

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Howdy fellow Regency lovers! The fantastic Romance Bloke invited me to write an article on the appeal of the Regency Period. You’ve just sampled the first couple paragraphs where I talk about my favorite Regency authors and more. (Mary Balogh, Carla Kelly, Barbara Metzger, and Elisabeth Fairchild were early favorites. Currently, I’m also loving Louise Allen and Elizabeth Essex.)

To read the rest of how I discovered – and fell in love with – this popular historical romance genre, click over to his site and enjoy!

My Keeper Shelf – populated with some of the very first Regency romances I ever purchased. Love these books, each and every one! (Egad! Aye! I should’ve dusted before snapping this pic!)