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Her Three Studs

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Because sometimes, one puck just isn’t enough…

I’ve just experienced my first one-night stand. With two studs! I can hardly believe it. Professional hockey players Rurik and Jeff, whose caresses skated all over my body and brought it to life as no one ever has. But when the fun’s over and I try to leave, they won’t let me. Not alone.

Hiding out in the luxurious bathroom after the most spectacular sex of my life, I listen to the two men argue over who will take me home. What’s up with this? I’d been blazingly happy with my single night of sexy sin, never expecting anything more. No expectations means no chance for heartache, right? So why am I letting Jeff seduce me all over again? With kisses and conversations and promises of another night, another friend, the next time his team’s in town…

52,000 words • Reverse Harem Love Triangle • Erotica, heading toward Romance.

Release Date: October 20, 2020
• 9781949426038 ebook
9781949426090 print


This story has a little of everything, sweet romance, sexy overbearing and frustrating alpha males and a beautiful woman who has the right heart and spirit. Thoroughly enjoying and entertaining. Just Loved It!!” – 5-star Amazon review

“Loved the book it was great, the story was well written and the characters were intriguing. It was hot and steamy, sexual, erotic, pleasurable with arousing feelings.” – 5-star Bookbub review

Wowee, Larissa Lynx’s hockey players are hot enough to thaw the rink! And the banter between Carolina and Jeff and between the guys is chuckle-worthy. This relationship is moving faster and deeper than a typical two-night stand, but it feels logical, given the confidences they’ve shared. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.” – 5-star Bookbub review

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