No Guts, No 'Gasms cover

No Guts, No ’Gasms

I want him bad. Even though I shouldn’t.

But I’ve obsessed all summer, watched those tattooed muscles flex and sweat as he tends the grounds where I work, lusting from afar.

Soon he’ll be gone.

Or I will; my internship ends next week.

So I better make my move—or live with regret. And I’d much rather live with the memory of his hands all over me.

6000 words • Sex with Strangers • Upbeat ending • Complete Instalove Short Story

Release Date: November 11, 2020
(Initial Release: July 28, 2020)
9781949426151 ebook

This book is a reprint of the 2011 release and was originally published under the Larissa Lyons name.