Starlight Seduction cover

Starlight Seduction

School is in session for this stuffy Professor.

Dr. Charles Morigan: Studious and serious. Dedicated. Cat lover.

Aurora: Formerly studious. Now seriously dedicated to seducing the quiet hunk of a man she can’t stop thinking about – or touching.

Teaching and research leave Charlie little time for romance. Even a cruise “vacation” is for work – until the stars come out and he’s swiftly charmed by the whimsical Aurora who’s decided to climb aboard his big, brawny self for the night.

24,000 words • HEA • Feel-good, lighthearted romance with a touch of magic.

Release Date: October 10, 2020
• 9781949426007 ebook
• 9781949426212 print – Everywhere, with No Guts bonus
• 9781949426052 print (Amazon only)


BookBub Reviewers say:

“Yet another wonderful story by Larissa Lynx full of wit, steam, magic, a fun plot, and delightful characters.”

“This story will also make you chuckle at Aurora’s antiquated turns of phrase, as well as at some of the spirited secondary characters in this story. All in all, a very very enjoyable read.”

“A sexy fairy is sent to Earth on a mysterious mission, lands on a cruise ship, and bumps into a handsome but slightly stuffy astronomer. Passion ensues…a cute, charming, humorous and hot story.”

About the book

In 2005 my first completed* story won the Zodiac Contest sponsored by Liquid Silver Publishing. That short story, Written in the Stars, went on to become the longer Sex and Solar Flares, published with Ellora’s Cave. Light editing and a fresh proofread were given for this—the last edition, Starlight Seduction.

During the initial writing of this story and in the years since, my absolute favorite scene remains the shipboard star party. I hope you enjoy it as much as Aurora and Charlie. Happy reading!

*A big deal because while I’m great at starting things, finishing sometimes presents a challenge—something I’m working on!


“If everyone will look to the side of Gemini and Taurus, we have a widely recognized constellation. Anyone know what that is?”

“Orion!” Several voices responded.

“That’s right. Orion the Hunter. These four stars make up his body.” Charles reluctantly relinquished his grasp on Aurora and pointed to the stars. Her softly mewed protest went straight to his groin. “This bright star located at his knee is Rigel. It’s the seventh brightest star in our nighttime sky. And there’s the Orion Nebula, which is below his belt in the sword. It’s—”

“Is it true that it wasn’t his sword at first? But his penis?”

“Hazel! How could you?” Mabel complained.

“I’m so embarrassed!” wailed Harriet.

“Grow up, girls. Penis, vagina, breasts, buttocks…everybody here knows who’s got what and where it goes.”

“Oh lordy…”

“Professor Charles? His sword?” Hazel asked again.

Aurora’s hands left the side of his hips, and under the cover of his suit jacket she slipped her fingers into his front pockets. Sweat beaded his upper lip. He wanted to remove his jacket but didn’t dare. Dark or not, the bulge in his pants was sure to draw attention, and all this talk of penises certainly wasn’t helping. “Well, ah, yes. When the constellations were first identified, it was before man had fashioned steel swords. I have heard that Orion’s sword was originally considered…” His heavy, throbbing dick. “His, uh, phallus. Moving on—”

“Are there any other planets out tonight?” Saved by the man in the white suit. The captain had procured a pair of binoculars and was staring intently at the sky.

“None that we can see. Uranus just set, right before we came out, but it can’t be seen by the naked…” After allowing them to linger in his pockets only a moment, Aurora pulled her hands free, leaving him agonizing…

What next?