Gimme some Sunshine!

Mr. Lyons and I drove over 500 miles Monday (had to be home in time to feed the menagerie! haha) amid cloudy skies and a cloudy forecast for, yep, you guessed it – more clouds.

About an hour before our intended destination, he was studying the current satellite feeds and shifted where he thought we should go – ending up toward the direction where I had been wanting to go all along, haha. Regardless, it became a race against the clock to see if we could make it to a spot that might allow for a break in the clouds at the right moment.

We got so lucky! I feel so very fortunate, because even though the sky was socked in with grey, roiling clouds, we were getting tiny breaks all during the partial eclipse and during the 2 to 3 minutes of totality – we both forgot to time it – we actually had clear sky. It was amazing.

I never knew that the prominences might be hot pink. That shocked me. The orange, I was expecting, but the pink was like a total bonus. That and just getting to see the corona itself, and how far it extends? Amazing. (Thanks to a couple of friends for some of these pics – only the cloudy one was ours. 🙂)