Mistress by Morning

Hi! If you’re looking for the Regency novel originally titled Mistress by Morning, the book got so long that I split it into three, under the Series Mistress in the Making.

The Mistress in the Making trilogy brings you Regency-styled historical romance brimming with emotion, humor and sexy romps. For a true historical feel, the stories are written using period-appropriate slang (known as cant) and words used during the early 1800s. The Regency hero stutters and avoids talking rather than risk embarrassment.

Mistress in the Making initially began as my first erotic Regency romance with Ellora’s Cave. Published in 2007 and at only 20,000 words, I never felt as though the  two characters were truly given the story they deserved in that version titled Impure Longings. Once I had the rights back, I kept the chapter of their meeting and first evening together and scrapped the rest, crafting an entirely new story, start-to-finish, that I’m delighted with. So are Thea and Daniel.

I hope you are too. Larissa