New Website Underway

Because I have trouble doing anything by half measures (except housekeeping, unfortunately 🙄 ), now that I’m prepping to release so many books at once and finally have a cohesive, branded look – yay! – I decided a website makeover was in order.

To that end, when I should be uploading the rest of my preorders or – shock of shocks – actually writing, I’ve been tinkering with website design and appearance. Thankfully, there’s been a couple others willing to help: a quick shout out to Jaycee, with Sweet ‘N Spicy Designs, and Oliver, on the other side of the pond ;-), with

Coming from a perfectionistic, do-it-myself HTML mindset, working with WordPress is taking some getting used to. I feel so fortunate to have found a couple of people who know their stuff and are willing to help!