Roaring Rogues Regency Shifters

They’re back! Ready for a roaring great time with my steamy Regency shapeshifters?

Heck, I never know whether it’s “Shape Shifters”, “Shapeshifters” or simply “Shifters”. But either way, if you like the thought of a sexy Regency gentleman shifting into a sexy lion, you’ve found the right place.

Ensnared by Innocence (Late Summer 2021)
Deceived by Desire (Fall 2021)
Tamed by Temptation (Summer 2022)

While the first two books were published back in the day, when I was with Ellora’s Cave, my writing has grown a lot, especially since Ensnared, which was only the second Regency I’d completed at that time. The original version was much, much shorter than what I’ll be releasing later this year. I’m also toning down the language. I was never a fan of the crude terms used for female body parts that was a hallmark of that particular publisher and always had to push myself to use language I wasn’t comfortable with.

Now that I’ve discovered the joy and authenticity to be found in writing Regency stories utilizing Regency-appropriate slang, I’ll be revising that story to fit in with my current writing ethic. What’s that, you ask. 😉 My goal is to only use words documented by 1850 in my historical regencies. Do some slide by me? Sure. Just today, I had to replace the word “ongoing” because, alas, it wasn’t in use until 1877.

The blurb is up for Ensnared by Innocence, and it’s up for preorder at a couple of vendors now, with more to follow. Check it out!