James Avery $20 Giveaway and Upcoming Regency Release

September 2020 Newsletter

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-James Avery $20 Giveaway – Claimed! Available – email Larissa to claim
-Mistress in the Making Trilogy up next
-Free Download for subscribers-The Pirate’s Pleasure
-Great Romantic Comedy Bundle Giveaway

Howdy all!

Lots of information to share today, so I’ll get right to it.

James Avery $20 Giveaway

I’ve long been a customer of James Avery, a Texas-based jewelry designer, having purchased my first “dangle ring” (in the shape of Texas, no less) back in junior high I think. I’m likely dating myself here 😉 – no idea whether dangle rings are still a thing or not.

The company just sent me a $20 promo good on ANYTHING, either in person or online. It’s good through September 28 and I will happily share the code or mail the promo card to the first person that emails, from the US, and says they will use it. [I’ll update this page at the top the minute it’s been claimed; please check here before emailing – thanks!]

Mistress in the Making Trilogy up next

Mistress in the Making Trilogy – Releasing September 2020

I’m so thrilled with how these stories turned out. It’s been a long wait for some readers – thank you for your patience! And I hope the overall story arc of Daniel and Thea makes you as happy as it does me.

Some readers may not know that I struggle with “invisible” disabilities – some painful autoimmune conditions that have affected my life for over twenty-five years. From sitting at a computer, to typing (which is all but impossible – hence, why use dictation software), as well as difficulty speaking at times – which mitigates the dictation and slows down story progress – I’m familiar with the frustrations of having something to say without the physical means to get it out. Though stuttering isn’t a major problem of mine (it’s more muscular for me), writing a hero who has difficulty speaking really resonated and hit home.

The first third of their story, SEDUCTIVE SILENCE, releases this coming Tuesday, September 8, and the subsequent two titles, a week later, LUSTY LETTERS on the 15th and DARING DECLARATIONS on September 22.

All three are currently available for .99¢ via preorder at Amazon only (ebook versions; print versions are available everywhere).

In three months, by late December or very early January, the ebooks will be available at all additional retailers. I’ll run the official Review ARCS on these then, so if anyone is a customer at Amazon and reads these and likes them, it would mean the world if you would please leave a review. Thank you.

Free Download for subscribers-The Pirate’s Pleasure

The Pirate's Pleasure cover

Fresh from rejecting yet another suitor (determined to resist Mama’s pressure to accept anyone—“Please, dear, before you’re so far on the shelf it topples!”),  Lady Roberta convenes a weekly writing group comprised of her three closest friends. Their literary efforts soon evolve—or devolve, depending upon one’s point of view—from composing insipid lines of poetry to more erotic endeavors.

Meet the ladies and read The Pirate’s Pleasure, the first Titillating Tale.

4000 words • Complete Story • Exclusive.  Also includes excerpt from the upcoming Mistress in the Making Trilogy.

Current subscribers who’d like to read can download the EPUB or MOBI here: [links to ebooks provided in subscriber emails; new readers sign up here for your copy]

Great Romantic Comedy Bundle Giveaway

Lady Scandal is part of a prize pack including FIFTY make-you-laugh romantic comedies (and who doesn’t need that these days?!) and an e-reader! All you need is your email address to enter, with the option of joining certain author’s newsletters. It’s that easy. 🙂

The contest runs for another 4+ days. Good luck!

Stay Sane and Healthy

During these unprecedented crazy-arse times, I’m working to maintain inner peace and mental motivation. Fortunately, I’ve avoided binge eating brownies (a true accomplishment!) but am *still* struggling to get my meditation practice back up and running.

I hope you and your family are maintaining whatever healthy boundaries and habits you can. Peace out.


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