The Board

The Board of Purrectors

You’re invited to see more of the Feline Board of Purrectors’ antics on their Instagram page at Rango_and_Sassycat.

Rango, a.k.a. The Instigator, Mr. “I’m Innocent” is really our TROUBLEMAKER Extraordinaire, happy to tempt the rest of the Board into mayhem. Is it any wonder I keep telling Mr. Lyons writing isn’t the only thing interfering with home keeping around here?! >^..^<

Sassyfrass Nutjob, a.k.a. TheCollaborator, always ready to jump in the fray when her brother starts something. More importantly, this rolly-polly ball of fluffy goodness  reminds me of the important quiet – purring – moments in between all the busyness. The moments that help spark and create memorable characters. 🙂

B-Ball, a.k.a. The Distractor, sweetest feral-rescue cat ever; made the fifteen months it took to tame him sufficiently to get him in a cat carrier and to the vet more than worth it. Happy to “plop” down in place, up against my legs whether I was savvy enough to grab pen and paper beforehand or not.

Tucker, a.k.a. El Senior. He’s our “Rah” kitty, a reference recognizable by Watership Down fans. Tucker may look similar to B-Ball above, but they’re totally different. Tucker came to us from a neighboring ranch, so he’s a true West Texas boy through and through. Although, he does have a British accent which I’ll have to explain sometime…

Buddy, a.k.a. The Evaluator, always ready to sink his teeth into a manuscript and let me know when further modifications are needed. Though he’s also a senior kitty, Buddy is the newest boy to join our family. He’s adapted well and is quite demanding, vocal when he doesn’t get his way. 😉 We put up with His Grumpiness because he also climbs on laps for lovings every day.

Cholla, (yes, named after the cactus because he’s very prickly) a.k.a. The Agitator. Cholla *thinks* he’s in charge, even when he isn’t, ready to bully his way past any other feline around to get his Human Affection. Purring next to me as we work on this page together, he’s my reminder to not let characters get too complacent until the final chapters, to always stir things up – agitate them, if you will – to keep their journey toward lasting love fraught with both fun times and tension.