When I announced that Mr. Lyons and I decided to join the Land of Canine and get our first-ever dog, I never could have guessed how many people would email and ask what breed Josie was. 

In the weeks since, I’ve learned that it’s a natural dog-related question, as when I meet people who have dogs, that’s what I ask first too. 🙂

We knew she was a “Golden Retriever mix”, but beyond that had no other knowledge. We’ve now learned from three different dog-obedience trainers, working to curtail some of her jumpy-bitey-nippy exuberance (because my pile of now-ripped and need-to-be-repaired clothing continues to grow!). One of the trainers highly recommended we test her DNA and find out exactly what she’s made of.

Lo and behold…

Josie has significantly more American Pit Bull and Australian Cattle Dog than she does Golden Retriever! And almost as much German Shepherd and Lab. I call her my Cinco dog, because she has good amounts of all five breeds. She’s growing by leaps and bounds and our favorite moments together are when I pull out the “squirrels in a tube” for some supervised play time.