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A Moonlit Christmas Kiss

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He needs to walk again. But he may need her more…

Lord Warrick lost more than the use of his legs on the battlefield, injuries crushing his expectation of an heir along with his spirits. But it’s hard to keep a bawdy man down, so Warrick continues to entertain with outlandish remarks, denying his pain. But when he starts up a flirt with a most unusual female, he cannot get the Latin-speaking governess out of his mind…

Responsible for the most exuberant young lady around, Aphrodite Primrose has her hands more than full—so why do they keep aching to comfort the haughty yet haunted peer who crosses her path time and again at her employer’s house party? Past threats to her virtue taught her some lords cannot be trusted, but this one…seems different. And it’s more than his inability to walk.

Impossible hopes dare to beckon when they exchange a kiss under the mistletoe but common sense brings them crashing down. For there exists no possible way this unrepentant fortune hunter, responsible for more than just himself, can marry anyone but an heiress. Time passes, filled with both tragedies and triumphs, until their paths cross again.

This time? Warrick’s determined to catch her, whether he can chase her or not.

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A Moonlit Christmas Kiss is a sweet and somewhat spicy novel perfect for readers who always wished Jane Austen’s books had a bit more heat and who enjoy Historical Romance spiced with a bit of Regency slang.

If you like feel-good stories full of wit and wordplay, loved Signet Regencies from authors like Mary Balogh, Carla Kelly and Barbara Metzger, Larissa Lyons’ heartfelt holiday Christmas Kisses are what you want in your stocking.

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All Regency Christmas Kisses books are HEA standalones.

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