Regency Christmas Kisses

Warm and witty Regency romances for that most wonderful time of the year.

Battle weary and sometimes scarred, these war heroes, returning from fighting Napoleon are ripe for love – they just don’t know it yet. Welcome to my Regency Christmas Kisses series!

Many of you have already met the heroine in A Frosty Christmas Kiss, Isabella – and her sexy hero Lord Frostwood – in the previously published version of this story titled Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord. We also met her married friends Lord Redford and Anne. Read their story in the all-new, never before published A Snowlit Christmas Kiss.

And Lord Warrick, another friend, currently confined to a wheelchair? What of his path to love? That will be up next!

HEAT ALERT: Hot kisses and sexy, flirty banter abound (and mayhap a bit more) but the sexual content of CHRISTMAS KISSES doesn’t cross the naughty boundaries quite like my steamy historical shifters do. The books take place in the same world, though. You never know, when holiday magic is afoot, a lion or two just might show up in time for Christmas…



All Regency Christmas Kisses books are HEA standalones and can be read independently.

If you want to read in chronological order, A Snowlit Christmas Kiss takes place first (1811), and is followed by A Frosty Christmas Kiss (1813).

A Moonlit Christmas Kiss (thanks to that rogue Warrick, I’m sure), combines the two: with part of the action during the 1811 house party that begins in Snowlit, and the rest in 1813, but in a different location than Frosty.

An “honorary” Christmas Kiss at the moment ;-), Rescued by a Christmas Kiss takes place in London, while the other three all occur in the countryside. Timewise, Rescued is nestled between the others, in 1812. Happy holiday reading!