couple gazing into each other's eyes while standing outside and being snowed upon in the English countryside

A Snowlit Christmas Kiss

He just lost his arm.
She just found her backbone.
Being stranded in a snowstorm may just help them both find love.

Battle scarred and bone-weary, the prodigal Lord Redford finally journeys home after losing a lot more than his optimism while fighting Napoleon. Trudging through the snow he never expects to find an educated miss (digging a grave!) in the freezing night. Though still grappling with the loss of his arm, he offers assistance, more intrigued by the stubborn woman than he should be–given how, along with the unexpected title, he also inherited his brother’s intended.

Lady Anne Larchmont is tired of waiting, of watching life pass her by. After months anticipating a visit from her unmet betrothed, she’s quite ready to abandon the lout and the idea of marriage altogether. But then a wounded soldier crosses her path at the most unexpected moment. Arguing over the business end of a shovel, they take refuge from the storm and find that sparks and kisses warm their frigid selves as much as unexpected laughter. But he’s engaged, and she’s decided to never marry, so in the morning they go their separate ways, leaving pieces of their hearts behind…

When Lord Redford finally returns home, he’s greeted not with the small welcome party he expected, but with a house full of people ready to celebrate his engagement. Which is going to prove rather a challenge, given how he’s never met his betrothed… Or has he?

With a guaranteed HEA, A Snowlit Christmas Kiss is a sweet and spicy extended novella of 40,000 words (with hot kisses and just a bit more) perfect for readers who enjoy Historical Romance spiced with a bit of Regency slang. If you like feel-good stories full of wit and wordplay, Larissa Lyons’ heartfelt holiday Christmas Kisses are what you want in your stocking—and ereader!

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Release Date:  Dec 13, 2022
• 9781949426373 ebook
• 9781949426458 print
• 9781949426533 large print

Reviews & Recognitions

a Barnes & Noble Top Indie Favorite

“A sweet feel good story with a HEA facilitated by a four legged matchmaker. Loved it!” – 5-star Bookbub review