Steamy Scandals

Lust—and love—in an afternoon!

These Steamy Regency Scandals are not your momma’s traditional Regency romance! Filled with sparkling, bawdy banter and some sizzling heat as well, grab your favorite Regency fan and hang out for an afternoon while these lovely “ladies” and their anything-but-stiff “titled” gents find their arms full with each other and their hearts soon brimming with love.

Lady Scandal

Lady Imposter

Mistaken for the infamous Lady Scandal by the sexy, shirtless applicant she’s sent to dispatch, companion Olivia Hails decides to play along… After all, what’s a bit of harmless flirting between adults?
She has no money, no connections, nothing that can tempt him.
Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Lady Reckless Steals a Kiss

Lady Scandal awarded the Golden Nib! “I can’t praise this book enough. Regency fans, if you like gorgeous wit in with your devilishly superb, well written, sexy reading matter, Lady Scandal should be on your ‘Must Read’ list.” Natalie, Miz Love & Crew Love’s Books

I laughed throughout this short story! It was so entertaining, refreshing and so very sexy!! Absolutely loved Juliet and Zeus! Also loved the secondary characters as well and look forward to Olivia’s story!”

I laughed almost the entire way through! Was not expecting the twist about the lady, and it put me in my feels. I rather enjoyed the banter and wish this could be made into a short movie!