animated book cover showing a MF couple infront of flames, the female is holding a cat

Lady Imposter

He’s not in the market for a wife. But she can pretend, can she not?

No one can blame on-the-shelf paid companion Olivia Hales if she forgets herself when she stumbles across the shirtless man in the garden. But letting him assume that she’s the lady of the estate currently interviewing for a husband might be a big mistake.

Former captain of His Majesty’s Royal Navy, Nathaniel Oliver, knows all about duty. Which is why he must deliver his apologies for the forged application his meddling, but well-intentioned motherless daughters fabricated, and take his leave.

That was the plan anyway, before he met the buxom blonde on the overgrown grounds of the enchanting, ramshackle country estate, and they’re forced to take shelter together from a fierce storm.

Olivia is certain her heart has been struck by lightning, while Nate wishes he was the wealthy, titled gent she advertised for. Despite recognizing that he has no hope of winning such a coveted jewel, it doesn’t mean Nate isn’t stubborn enough to try.

Even if he has no inkling who he’s really in danger of falling in love with…

Lady Imposter is the second book in a fun and sexy adult Regency romance series full of witty banter, humor, and steamy scandals resulting in feel-good happily ever afters.

Release Date: April 30, 2024
• 9781949426984 ebook
• 9781949426717 print
• 9781949426397 large print


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