Lady Reckless

A mysterious sea captain aiming to stay out of trouble.

And a young widow who isn’t your average damsel in distress…

After a grievous year, Susanna Oliver seeks a bit of joyous adventure. At least she thought she did, until being stranded at a questionable tavern during a winter storm, completely unchaperoned, and accosted by a rowdy crew of soused blackguards.

Since a blast during the war stole his hearing, Captain Leopold Tucker excels at going unnoticed for the benefit of his country. So when a spirited, much younger woman is threatened by the ill-mannered swaggerers, what in blazes possesses Leo to step forth and proclaim her as his own?

Susanna already escaped one destructive marriage that ended in tragedy. Reckless or not, she cannot help but trust the strong yet vexing stranger who promises to protect her for the night.

When they steal a kiss that surpasses their wildest expectations, Leo is faced with a far bigger dilemma than ensuring Susanna’s safety. For how can a deaf, older—ahem, experienced—former sailor hope to win the daring beauty’s heart for all their Christmases to come?

Lady Reckless is the third book in a fun adult Regency romance series perfect for readers who love witty banter, humor, and steamy scandals resulting in feel-good happily ever afters.

Release Date: September 30, 2024
• 9781949426403 ebook
• 9781949426410 print
• 9781949426427 large print


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