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Daring Declarations

First, he showed his thoughtful generosity. Then he shared his risqué humor. Now it’s time he declares everything… If only he didn’t constantly wrestle with words!

An evening at the opera could prove Lord Tremayne’s undoing when he and his lovely new paramour cross paths with his sister and brother-in-law. Introducing one’s socially unacceptable strumpet to his stunned family is never done. But Daniel does it anyway. And it might just be the best decision he’s ever made, for Thea’s quickly become much more than a mistress—and it’s time he told her so.

Thea’s fallen under the enticing spell of her new protector. How could she not when his very presence, every kindness and written word has utterly seduced her senses? Yet her mind insists on knowing more, such as why must Lord Tremayne pummel his face in boxing matches and be so abrupt in person? Curiosity turns to baffled amazement when his sister seeks out Thea, begging advice. If that weren’t surprising enough, when circumstances conspire and Thea arrives—unannounced—at his home, she’s not only welcomed inside but confronted with more truths than she ever expected.

The Mistress in the Making series is a fun, “sexy Jane Austen styled”, emotionally satisfying tale told in three parts: Seductive Silence, Lusty Letters, and Daring Declarations.

Release Date: February 13, 2021
(Initial Release: September 22, 2020)

• 9781949426199 ebook
• 9781949426205
9781949426328 large print


“I recommend all three of the Mistress In The Making books to anyone who enjoys electric passion, witty humor, and a beautiful love story!” Reading Rebel Reviews

“I did so enjoy reading all three books about the growing love between Thea and Daniel. They were funny and well written and I can’t wait to read more of this author’s books. Highly recommended reads and definitely keepers!” Five-Star UK Reviewer

On Daring Declarations:

“Bursting with happy ever after. I enjoyed each book in this series, you’ll need to read all 3. I recommend cuddling up on a rainy day and enjoying them all. They left my heart smiling <3” Five-Star US Reviewer

“A beautiful ending. This book completed the series in such a lovely way. I have other books by Larissa Lyons and I love her style of writing. This is a series I highly recommend.” Crystal, a VINE VOICE Five-Star Review

“So romantic. The third book and conclusion of Mistress in The Making. This story is full of wonderful surprises. What a wonderful romantic romance. I highly recommend it.” Five-Star US Review from Top Reviewer Emma

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