Tamed by Temptation

Wanted—Dead or Skinned: Unbeknownst to Phineas, discovery looms ever closer with an organized hunt and his furry head as the prize.

His memories in shambles and self-exiled for a crime he cannot remember, a Regency lord spends his time existing as the animal he is. Avoiding others for their protection, if not his own. Until he chances across a governess and her charges who keep needing rescued…

Governess by day. Seductress by night.

With her every breath, country governess Mary Delilah Middleton denies that she’s anything like her mother—high-class whore to London’s rich and titled. When the mythical apparition who haunts the nearby woods takes an interest in her, Lilah’s dedication to “ladylike” behavior falters beneath her fascination with the forbidden.

Doomed to live as a lion, he longs to be a man.

Once he beholds the lovely Lilah, listens to her entertaining lessons and saves her from an attack and her boisterous charges from one calamity after another, Phineas S. Lyton wishes to be a man once again, to experience passion in all its rousing glory. But the sun is in Leo and Phin’s out of time—a price is on his head and hunters are tracking the injured wildcat in their midst…

HEA ~ Book 3 Roaring Rogues Regency Shifters

Release Date: TBD